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In the light of the June 26 Supreme Court decision upholding the president's entry ban order in part, nothing could be more risky and uncertain than traveling to Iran now. Even though as a student in the US, you are within the Supreme Court's clearly stated exception to the ban, don't expect either the US consular officers (if you need to have your visa renewed) or a US inspecting officer at the airport on your return, to follow the Supreme Court's exception as it was meant to be followed... Roger Carl Algase's answer
It would be safer to do everything legally possible to maintain student status for as long as possible - ideally until one actually receives green card approval. Merely waiting for a properly filed green card application to be approved does not confer legal status in the US in and of itself, even it the person has also been granted EAD work permission pending a decision on the green card. Kevin L Dixler's answer
No, that is discrimination based upon alienage. This is a violation of your civil rights. First, work with the State of Colorado. This is the website to file a civil rights complaint with Colorado.

Due to Congressional decisions to cut funding, you may have trouble getting the attention of U. S. Department of Civil Rights. However, I recommend that you go to this website and seek assistance, because this is a...

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This is an immigration question and you should definitely consult with an immigration attorney. Roger Carl Algase's answer
You should receive an advance parole travel permit in 2-3 months after you filed for adjustment of status, if your application was properly prepared without any mistakes and after your fingerprint appointment is finished. Then you should be able to leave the US and return using your advance parole. If you leave the US before then, your application to adjust status to green card may be cancelled, and you may have a very hard time returning to the U.S. with your tourist visa. Go see an... Roger Carl Algase's answer

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