Collection Lawyer California

The Evanns Collection Law Firm is a downtown Los Angeles Judgment Enforcement Law Firm that specializes in representing creditors as aggressively as the law allows in matters of judgment enforcement and recovery, as well as general collections and creditor’s rights matters.

The firm is headed by Judgment Collection Attorney Richard O. Evanns, who has become a pre-eminent practitioner of judgment collection law, and has settled / satisfied judgment debt well into the seven figures.

A former collection company owner, Judgment Enforcement Attorney Richard Evanns prides himself on his firms

persistence and tenacity in collection matters, especially in judgment collection. Evanns Judgment Collection Law Firm prides itself on working smart. We use cutting edge technologies and investigative tools and databases, many of which are only available to banks, investigators and law enforcement. We also have relationships with some of the best investigators in the business.

This enables us to quickly and efficiently locate debtors and debtor assets, so we can then proceed against those assets to satisfy our clients’ debts. Best of all we believe in taking judgment enforcement cases at NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU and believe that we should not get paid unless you get paid.* We pick up our phones, answer questions, and consultations are always free.

*Disclaimer: Each case is different; results and representation conditions may vary.

some of the money Judgment Enforcement & Judgment Recovery: You sued and won a judgment, and the debtor will not pay voluntarily; A Judgment Collection Attorney is what you need. As described above, we first utilize our access to the same high-end investigative resources used by financial institutions and law enforcement, which we use to locate even the most difficult-to-locate debtors and debtor assets, as well as our connections with some of the best financial investigators in the business.

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