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Medications and drugs are used to treat patients who suffer from a wide variety of injuries ranging from diabetes and heart disease to depression or social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, sometimes the drugs used to treat patients can do more harm than good. The drugs may not work effectively at treating the condition but, even worse, they may cause unexpected side effects or significant harm to the patients who trustingly took the medication. This may happen both in situations where doctors are encouraged to prescribe drugs for off-label purposes (i.e. conditions the FDA hasn't actually approved their use for), as well as in situations where drugs are used as directed and still cause unexpected harm.

When dangerous drugs cause injury, the manufacturers and drug companies must be held responsible. The damages and loss can be significant and, in some cases, serious injury, illness or even death results. Drug companies are obligated under the law to pay for any injuries or illnesses that arise as a direct result of dangerous and defective drugs and if you or a loved one has been harmed, it is important to contact an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer as soon as possible for help. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman, LLC, we have represented injured victims throughout Boston and the entire state of Massachusetts more for than 19 years, helping them to get the justice they deserve. Contact us today at (617) 367-2900 or using our online form to learn how we can put our legal experience to work for you.

Liability for Dangerous Drugs in Massachusetts

Drug companies can be liable for a dangerous drug whenever the drug causes surprise side effects, illnesses or injuries that were not expected. There is no requirement that the injured victim prove that the drug company was negligent in manufacturing, testing or releasing the drug in order for the victim to recover compensation from the drug company. As long as the drug was the direct cause of some type of harm, the injured victim is entitled to recover damages for that harm. This type of dangerous drug claim is brought under strict liability product liability rules.

Other legal theories may also be used to hold drug companies responsible for dangerous drugs. For instance, drug companies can also be liable for failure to adequately warn patients of the side effects or dangers of a drug. In this case, plaintiffs must prove negligent failure to warn of the risks presented by taking a medication. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist plaintiffs in providing proof that the drug company knew of the dangers and did not adequately and completely warn patients of the harm before they took the drug.

When a plaintiff is able to successfully prove that the drug is dangerous and that it caused harm, or that the drug company was negligent in some way, the plaintiff is entitled to recover compensation for medical costs arising from any treatment made necessary by the dangerous drug. The plaintiff can also recover compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and even- in certain limited cases- punitive damages. The damages associated with dangerous drugs can be significant and plaintiffs may be able to obtain these damages either through a class action lawsuit, which are common in defective drug cases, or through filing their own dangerous drug claim.

A Massachusetts law firm experienced in handling medical malpractice claims stemming from dangerous or defective drugs will explain to you what the best course of action is given your situation and the nature of your injuries or medical condition. Your lawyer will help you to gather the evidence you need and prove your claim so you can get the compensation you deserve from the drug company who released the product that harmed you.

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