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If you are looking for a drug defect lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri, we can help. We assist people injured by defective prescription drugs and medical devices.Unfortunately, the list of defective medicines and devices grows longer each year. While one would think the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would prevent these kinds of drugs from hitting the market, this is simply not true. When drug companies lie by skewing clinical trial data, pay doctors to write favorable reports and studies, and flat out falsify data, the FDA is powerless. When drug manufacturers put profits over the people, serious injuries and death occur. In our book, this is inexcusable and the offending drug company should be held accountable.

The Bradley Law Firm is actively seeking patients harmed by the following drugs:

We take prescription and over-the-counter medications to feel better. In fact, most Americans trust their doctor would never prescribe a drug, and pharmacies wouldn’t sell it, if it were dangerous. However, when drug companies rig tests, hide data, and lie about known complications, they put profits over patients. When pharmaceutical companies take active steps to avoid disclosing negative information, they are failing to warn patients about life and death matters, leaving patients and their doctors in the dark. This is wrong.

With each new defective drug, we find a startling theme emerge: manufacturers are willing to cut corners on important safety measures. Drug manufacturers sometimes cover up negative information in safety studies, aggressively marketing drugs for inappropriate off-label uses, plant positive information in the media and medical journals, and pay doctors to write positive studies or articles on the drug without disclosing this relationship. As a result, drug manufacturers make astronomical profits at your expense.

For example, the pharmaceutical company Merck was accused of failing to follow up on early evidence that Vioxx increased the risk of heart attacks and intentionally left data out of a published safety study. Safety concerns forced Merck to take the drug off the U.S. market in 2004, but sales of Vioxx totaled $2.5 billion the year before.

Patients who suffer serious health problems because of this wrongdoing can file a lawsuit for fair compensation. This includes compensation for physical pain, emotional anguish and any permanent disability or loss of a loved one, as well as all of the financial costs of the injury.

Many times, once enough people file suit on a particular drug, the cases can be consolidated for discovery in multi-district litigation. This is not a class action. Rather, it is referred to as a “mass tort.”

Dangerous prescription drug cases are often complex and specialized, which means it is important to hire an experienced drug injury attorney. The defective drug lawyers at The Bradley Law Firm have years of experience helping victims of serious injuries seek justice through the courts. We have experience handling complex cases and those involving very serious injuries, both hallmarks of drug liability litigation.

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