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The following testimonials are from actual clients of the firm who took it upon themselves to post an online review or to send us a card or note expressing their sincere gratitude for the results we were able to deliver. At Melowski & Associates, satisfied clients are our number one priority. Much like our record of success, our client satisfaction rate is second to none. Our attorneys have more 5-star client reviews on the independent lawyer rating website Avvo than any DUI or criminal defense firm in the state. And frankly, it's not even close. So, by all means, take a look at what former clients have to say about their experience with our firm:

"I was referred to Dennis Melowski by my company's corporate law firm in another state after receiving my first ever DUI charge. My job and career are such that the stigma and penalties associated with such a conviction would have been devastating. I had to fight it and wanted the very best lawyer I could find. After nearly a year of dealing with a very stubborn DA in a tough county, Dennis won my case in a jury trial. Other lawyers actually came to watch him in action. Even the judge and the court staff said what a great job he did. If you are looking for the very best DUI defense, I cannot recommend Dennis Melowski strongly enough."

— Google+ Review

"In April of this year, I was pulled over by the police for DUI/DWI. A lawyer who was handling my divorce at the time recommended a lawyer he knew well who handled DUI/DWI. I met with this lawyer but did not feel comfortable with him as my attorney representing me in this case. He said I should get a second opinion and meet with another lawyer. He suggested Dennis Melowski. I called Mr. Melowski to schedule a meeting so we could review my case.

I did some inquiries into Mr. Melowski's reputation in handling DUI/DWI cases and in every instance my inquiries came back as Mr. Melowski was the best DUI/DWI lawyer in the state. From our initial meeting I knew I wanted Dennis Melowski to represent me. He immediately put me at ease and I could recognize his professionalism and knowledge of the law. I have a commercial drivers license for my job so I couldn't afford to lose my license if found guilty. With Mr. Melowski hard work and dedication, I was able to keep my commercial drivers license and my job leading up until my court date. As of this past Thursday, I was informed by Mr. Melowski that in working with the district attorney, the charge had been reduced to inattentive driving and I would not lose my license or my job and would not have to go through a court trial.

I cannot begin to describe the tremendous weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. Anyone who reads this review if you need the best DUI/DWI lawyer in the state of Wisconsin make sure that your first call is to Dennis Melowski. I heard he was the best lawyer and look at my results. He simply is the finest lawyer to handle your DUI case."

— R.W., Oshkosh

"I am a Michigan resident with a CDL and received a DUI in Manitowoc County. After speaking to 2 attorneys in Green Bay WI and not feeling like they could help me, I called a friend and he referred me to Dennis. Dennis was actually referred to me by another District Attorney's office. I looked at his website, was impressed, and called Dennis. Dennis answered all my questions and I knew after 20 minutes he was the man for the job. Dennis had my DUI reduced to inattentive driving and I never got my license suspended. Sharp Attorney."

— R.L., Michigan

"I just passed my CDL and found a job driving semi when I was stopped for going 67 in a 50 m.p.h. zone. I was given a breathalyzer test which I was told I failed. I hired Dennis and was amazed. He informed the judge that if my license was suspended, I would lose my job. Dennis and Attorney Singh convinced the judge to stay the suspension. I kept my license and my job while Dennis continued to work at resolving my case. He found many flaws which in turn convinced the prosecutor to negotiate a lesser charge. My OWI and BAC were dropped and I agreed to inattentive driving. I lost 4 points, completed 20 hours of community service, and paid my fine. None of this impacted my license or CDL. I have referred friends to Dennis and will continue to do so. From the beginning, all my friends and even co-workers told me that I was "done". I would lose my license and probably never get another job as a semi driver."

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