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Nothing but positive things to say about Rudolph Baker & Associates. They are the only ones I would ever recommend to someone who needs immigration services. They are straightforward with answers and do everything they can to make sure the process is smooth and as quick as possible. We are still in process with Immigration at the moment but would have been lost without them guiding us. Fair pricing and extremely knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the law. Would recommend to anyone who ever needed the service.

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience from beginning to end with them. I started my case with in June 2014 and was all done by June 2016 they were very helpful. They really did an amazing job with my immigration case I never had any problems like missing of any documents or filed incorrectly. I went to Ciudad Juarez for my interview and everything went so smooth. They provided all the information that I was going to take to my interview. When I had my interview they never asked for a single paper so I came back home with all the packets I was given. Im sure this happened because they had sent all the documents completely but just in case I was given my own packet to take. Thank you so much James Rudolph & Associates!

Over the past 2 years I have referred several people to the firm but personally have knowledge on the results of at least 3 immigration cases. Attorney James Rudolph, Lorena Rudolph, and their associates personally handled the listed cases. The 3 people were able to obtain their permanent Resident Alien cards. During the conclusion of their cases I had an opportunity to talk them during social gatherings. They all praised the Rudolphs'for their excellence In "Customer Service" and told me they were willing to recommend the firm to anyone of their trust. Hi Fives for the Rudolph firm. Merry Christmas!

I was recommended by a friend and from our first consultation we knew we were in good hands. Everyone was very informative and helpful. Also very professional. During our case we had some wrong information that delayed it but they were very quick in fixing it. Our trip to Ciudad Juarez was very fast and quick since they had everything prepared. They made it very simple and pretty much walked us through the entire process. Overall experience was great and we highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so very much Law Offices of Rudolph Baker & Associates!

At first the service was exceptional, they made it sound like it was going to be a simple & easy process. When they got back to us they gave us very bad news ON THE PHONE. And it didn't sound like they dug much into our case, asking basic questions that should've been acknowledge and reviewed already. The good reviews are not always all that helpful. Looking for another attorney at the moment. You'd think since we're talking about a whole family's life, they'd make a decent amount of effort to help.

We came to rudolph baker and associates two years ago for help with an immigration case and Alberto and James talked with us and Alberto took the case, and gave us a very fair price. It took awhile because we had to keep getting more and more documents and verified documents, but in the end it was worth it, and Alberto Trujillo really came through for us and we were able to get what we needed and he was able to guide us through the next step. Thank you Alberto and we will definitely recommend you to anyone who we know that may need help with any immigration services.

I was referred to the office of Rudolph, Baker & Associates by a close family friend. My experience was GREAT! I was able to fix my legal status with in about a year. James is a good lawyer, he knows what he's doing. I'm glad and thankful for their services. I highly recommend this place.

My first time there, I was sitting in the waiting room, this gentlemen comes in and gives his monthly payment. He quickly starts complaining to the receptionist that he hasn't gotten a call back regarding some questions he had. She reassures him that they will call back. I step in with my family to talk to James and he really sells his service, and make you feel optimistic and great regarding your case. They seem amazing at your initial consultation. We agreed to go with them for my parents immigration case. However I quickly started feeling the same way that man did. They lag once your case starts. It feels like you always have to be chasing them to get information regarding your case. For my dads case they had to resubmit a copy of his passport, its been over a week and they are yet to mail the resubmission to USCIS, which in turns makes the case go longer. If I knew they were going to take this long, I would of mailed the copy on my own, all they had to do was submit it with the letter USCIS sent us. You call them leave a message, nobody returns your calls, its not until the 20th call that someone, (not the person your looking for calls back). I would be happy with a simple email, with the answers i need, that i keep leaving on their voicemail. Instead of feeling reassured, and confident its been more of a headache. Overall I would recommend looking for a practice that handles less cases, that way you get better service, and faster answers when needed.

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