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Welcome to The Law Office of George Angelopoulos where accident clients interact with their Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer, not legal assistants. Retaining the right accident attorney to handle all aspects of your auto accident or other personal injury case can make all the difference. Clients are offered a personalized text message number for direct access to George. Attorney fees are contingent and are only due after winning. There is no cost to get started and legal expenses are advanced by the injury attorney.

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The Tennessee Car Accident Attorney accepts clients state wide. The injury law firm is located in Williamson County south of Nashville off I-65, in the Cool Springs area of Franklin, TN.

Franklin Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer

Tennessee has a One Year Statute of Limitations for most personal injury claims. Failure to act can bar your car accident, truck wreck, motorcycle crash, dog bite or other personal injury claim forever. No one can turn back the hands of time, but making a free call is the first step to justice.

Some people decide to handle their personal injuries without a Tennessee Auto Accident Lawyer. The insurance adjuster says they will ‘make it right’ and just needs to process your car wreck injury claim. They want you to sign a HIPAA release so they can examine your past and elicit statements designed to hurt your legal position. Next calls are ignored, medical bills arrive and the treatment you need is out of reach. Do yourself a favor and let the Tennessee car accident attorney do all the work letting you focus on injury treatment and recovery.

When the trucker or trucking company violates Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations causing the crash liability can attach to the commercial trucking company or the driver. The Franklin Tennessee Truck Wreck Lawyer knows significant fines and other penalties may also be incurred as these regulations are designed to prevent personal injuries resulting from truck accidents. As all vehicle drivers, CDL truck operators can be held liable for injuries and fatalities that are caused by his or her negligence. The severity of injury that commercial truck accidents can cause is the basis for liability insurance limits to be no less than $1.0 Million.

If уоu were injured іn a motorcycle accident then уоu are entitled tо money damages fоr medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and possibly more. As a victim to personal injury, it is well within your right to seek recovery from the injuries you sustained. The Tennessee Motorcycle Crash Attorney believes in safety. Motorcycle helmets are required by TN law.

Tennessee dog bite law is complicated. The Dog Bite Injury Lawyer will clearly explain your options and fight for your rights seeking maximum compensation allowed by Tennessee law. In many cases fair dog bite injury compensation requires an economic valuation into cosmetic appearance and projections on future medical procedures. Home and renters insurance liability limits many times are in excess of $300, 000.

Do you need a Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer?

As you may know, time and dedication are required to pursue accident claims properly. Do you know the Rules of Evidence, understand the various types of insurance subrogation and know which government agencies require notice of your claim? If you were not hurt, have the time and understand the answers to the question above (and many more) then maybe not. For everyone else: Yes. George will let you know if you have a personal injury case.

Most accident and injury cases are accepted with one third contingency fee. No client cost is due to start representation. No fees are due until clients are paid.

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