Toxic Mold Lawyer San Diego

San Diego Mold Attorney

Breaking new ground in toxic mold exposure and indoor environmental litigation

LaFave & Rice is proud to have pioneered new types of cases such as toxic mold exposure, “sick building” and indoor environmental litigation. No firm has more experience representing adults and children who have been severely injured by exposure to mold or other types of indoor contamination. We specialize in lawsuits against landlords, developers, property managers, insurance companies, slumlords, and others who are responsible for our clients becoming sick from exposure to mold, toxins, dust mites, and other indoor environmental problems. LaFave & Rice handles many different types of indoor air quality cases, including injuries from exposure to: toxic mold, water damage, dust mites, bacteria, sewage, sewer gas, hydrogen sulfide, toxic chemicals, lead, and carbon monoxide.

Founding partner and personal injury attorney Jeff LaFave has earned a national reputation for his expertise in representing victims of mold exposure and poor indoor air quality. He is an innovator in this area and in 1994 helped to win the first mold exposure injury case in the United States. In addition to his expertise with personal injury and medical lien litigation, attorney John Rice also has extensive experience in mold and environmental cases, especially real estate, non-disclosure and homeowner association matters.

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