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Sacramento Work Injury LawyerSome industries and professions are more dangerous than others. Construction site employees, factory workers, and contractors face many dangers on a daily basis. Even office workers can suffer from work related injuries, as well. Some work related injuries are caused by regular, everyday activities on the job.

If you are injured in a workplace accident or become ill because of conditions at work, your employer is required by law to pay you workers’ compensation benefits. If you were injured because of a safety violation or other forms of negligence, you are entitled to financial compensation. We believe in helping clients who suffer injuries from a specific event at work or repetitive physical stress. Most occupations require a worker to do the same movements with their body day in and day out. These repetitive motions, over time, may cause trauma to the body. Repetitive stress injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or Tennis/Golf Elbow, are some of the most common work related injuries we deal with. These injuries are hard to indicate right away because the onset of symptoms, which are gradual.

Not only are these types of injuries the main cause of absenteeism in the work place, but they are also the biggest expense in worker’s compensation cases. Workers’ compensation can be an extremely overwhelming and complicated process that involves vast amounts of paperwork. It could even result in a long and intimidating legal battle if benefits are limited or denied. We understand you don’t have the time and resources to handle this by yourself. That’s our job! We handle every step of the process.

Depending on the severity of your work injury, a variety of workers’ compensation benefits are available to you. Each and every case is different, but we have helped our clients receive medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability, job retraining, compensation for medication, rehabilitation, and even compensation for travel expenses. Death benefits are also available to family members of a love one who has passed away because of a work-related injury or illness.

Worker's Compensation Cases

When a workers’ compensation case is settled, a permanent disability award is often given to the victim. The award is determined from a list of categories that is regulated by the government. This process does not fully compensate the victim especially if it is a major injury. Some injury categories are not covered by the disability award, or they can have lower limits of compensation based on emotional stress and psychological damage.

If a third party (a person who is not the employer or a co-worker) is at fault of causing the accident, the injured employee may file an additional case by way of a civil suit against the responsible party. In a civil suit, the injured employee has a greater chance to receive fair and adequate compensation for the damages caused at the work place.

  • A receptionist who is injured in a traffic accident while on company business
  • A construction worker who is injured by faulty equipment
  • A painter who is injured by poor scaffolding assembly that was built by a general contractor

Providing our clients with the proper representation in cases of third party liability, we are required to have in depth knowledge of workers' compensation cases and civil cases. At our legal offices, we have experienced attorneys who specialize in representing employees injured on the job.

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