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My mother had a consultation with David A. Schwartz regarding her living trust and pour-over will. He is knowledgeable and gives good explanations.

With both of my parents aging and health declining, I've been on a mission to grasp the specifics of their complicated estate, identify any obvious holes, as well as understand my responsibilities. Karen counseled me after doing a thorough review of the plans (pages and pages of legalese that made me cross-eyed) and explained, in language I could comprehend, some red flags that I need to address with an attorney who specializes in Trust & Estate Law. She cut to the chase on matters (understanding my sense of urgency), made my next steps clear, and was professional-but also very compassionate and empathetic. She encouraged me in such a personal way, and with emotions running high with Mom and Dad not well...I needed that "human touch" along with the information. This was all pro-bono, a plus with our limited budget. I can't speak highly enough of this wonderful organization doing a great service to the growing elderly community of San Diego and their families! Thank you!

The most helpful service I've found in time of need! The attorney for my area was both comforting and professional in guiding me through a contract dispute. She wrote a letter to the corporation on my behalf, citing elder law penalties that could be levied if I prevailed in small claims court. The dispute was settled in my favor and I believe the letter from Senior Legal was what made the difference. I made a $30 donation, but am sure this service would have cost me hundreds of dollars in the private sector. I have also used their sister service, HICAP - Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program - when questioning whether I could move from one Medicare HMO to another. What a relief to find that I had many options other than being "bound" to my present provider. Again I made a donation out of sheer gratitude, but these services are truly free to those over 60!

I called this business after I was left in charge of my grandpas tax preparer business. They helped guide me to the places I needed to call and the man on the phone was more then helpful. He even provided help on who and where to then to for my grandpas small estate probate. A great place to turn to in time of need.

I am a 92 yr. old man, I had questions re: a fraud case, I could not get any straight answers, I went to Elder Law & Advocacy, met with Jaime Levine, Carol & Danica My questions were answered so I could understand exactly where I stood & how to best solve my problem, I found Jaime Levine to be very knowledgeable, professional gives straight answers & how best to solve my problem, I came out feeling much better & like a great deal was LIFTED from my shoulders. I hope Elder Law & Advocacy & JAIME LEVINE will always be around to help seniors, like myself, that have no place to turn, for help. I will HILGHLY RECOMEMMEND JAIME LEVINE to anyone!! David P.

I had the opportunity to use services here to provide a will at no cost - since I'm a senior (they welcome donations). They provided great customer service and this was done very quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend.

CIGNA health insurance. CIGNA would not pay claim. I want to my state senator Marty Block, not much help there. Want to US state senator Barbara Boxer no help there. Then I want to Elder Law & Advocacy - Senior Citizens Legal Services San Diego. One phone call from the Elder Law & Advocacy and CIGNA paid the bill as they should have from the start. Insurance companies make money by taking money in and paying out as little as possible. insurance comp are not in business to care for our health don't let them get by with not doing the right thing. Post on line who you asked for help from, what elected officials. Post on line your experiences with insurance companies. I am up dating my post, I needed help again with CIGNA when they would again not pay on a claim. Even after telling me on the phone CIGNA knew the problem was on their part they told me it would take days to fix the problem. One phone call form Elder Law & Advocacy again made by Chris Shourds of Elder Law & Advocacy to CIGNA and the problem was fix that same day!!! Please tell everyone who is an Elder to contact this program before they call any other law firm for for help. Elder Law and Advocacy are truly wonderful. I wish I could give them ten stars. God Bless this program.

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