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Town Taxes are billed for real estate and personal property and are due by February 1st each year. As of July 1, 2015 the tax real estate tax rate is $.28 per $100.00 of assessed value; and the personal property tax rate is $1.65 per $100.00 Blue Book value. Taxes are based on the real estate or personal property owned on July 1 each year. A 10% penalty is added for late payment, and 10% interest is added per year for delinquent bills. As a resident of the Town of Clarksville, you will receive tax bills from both the Town and Mecklenburg County per State Code.

Business Licenses

Business Licenses are issued for the calendar year and renewal applications are due by March 1 for local businesses, home occupations and out-of-town contractors with construction projects of $25, 000 or more within the town limits. A 10% penalty is added for late payment. The initial business license is $30.00. Thereafter the fee is based on gross receipts for the calendar year, with $30.00 being the minimum license amount.

Town Tag Decals

Town Tag Decals are placed on vehicle windshields to the right of the VA state inspection stickers. The cost is $25.00 per decal and they expire on March 31 each year. A $25.00 penalty is added for decals purchased after March 31 except in the case of newly purchased vehicles. Failure to display a valid Town tag can result in a citation and fine. Town and County taxes must be paid in full in order to purchase a Town tag.

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